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Health Maintenance To Do

  1. Check the "Done" check box when these items are completed
  2. Check boxes mark which of the "standard" preventive medicine items are due on the specified date
  3. Tapping the "Recommendations" button pops up a floater which states the latest recommendations of the U.S. Preventive Medicine Task Force
  4. Tapping the "Add To Procedures" button takes the checked items in the module and adds each one to the patient's procedure list with today's date
  5. Set an alarm for this to do item so that your Newton handheld reminds you when to perform the checked items
  6. Route the to do, including beam and mail

Health Maintenance To Do items can be automatically entered into notes using the macro function of Palmedic's notes or the demographics capabilities of Transcriptionist (requires Transcriptionist note plug-in).

Download the Health Maintenance To Do plug-in v 1.0

NOTE: This plug-in contains preventive medicine recommendations for the adult population. Plug-in modules can be customized by JRAd consulting at user's request. Contact Rick at supportat jrad for more information.

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Plug-ins Table of Contents