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Palmedic 2.0 Plug-ins

Palmedic was designed to allow for the use of plug-ins for data entry and reporting. This basic design allows Palmedic to be infinitely expandable. Many plug-ins exist for Palmedic already, several are in the works at any given moment, and JRAd consulting can create custom plug-ins according to a user's specification. Contact plug-insat jrad for details on custom plug-ins. 

Plug-in Sets

Sets are combinations of plug-ins considered to work together or be common enough to be included in a group. Due to memory constraints on the Newton family of devices, it is preferable to use a set of plug-ins instead of a great multitude of individual plug-ins. 


The standard set comes complete with the admissions, allergies, medications, notes, problems, procedures, tests, and to dos plug-ins. It is the set that is included in the Palmedic 2.0 program file as the 'PInstall.pkg' and 'PData.pkg' packages.

Individual Plug-ins


Tracks your patient's admissions, including dates of admission, chief complaint, location, and code status. 


Maintains a list of your patient's current allergies, including reaction/allergy manifestations.


Maintains a list of a patient's contacts, including physicians, family, emergency, pharmacy, etc. Can link to the Newton Names file for rapid access to a contact's information.


Tracks a patient's medications, keeping them separated into current medications and a medication log if desired. This plug-in allows for the printing of scripts and interfaces with K2 consultants' LexiDrugs for fast drug information reference. Medication information can be added and edited directly by the user. 


Allows for the entry of patient notes, be they as long as a full history and physical or as short as a reminder. Anything that can be entered into the Newton Notes application can be entered into these notes- handwritten text, shapes, sketches, etc. A "macro writer" feature allows for the fast entry of other patient data into written notes, including current/all medications, problem lists, to do items, etc. 


Documents a problem list for patients including problem, problem type, and dates the problem was experienced. 


Tracks any procedures a patient has undergone, including date and description of each procedure.

Segment Note

Enters notes in "segments" which allows for greater manipulation of note contents by sharing information across notes, macros, etc. Integtrates with Transcriptionist for even greater flexibility in note creation.


Allows for the entry and tracking of patient test results. The plug-in is designed to allow either straight text entry (a la notes) or entry in fields/blanks. Test templates can be designed by the user and may include fields for calculating results. 

To Dos

Maintains a list of to dos for each patient including to do category (used for selective filtering) and to do description. Allows for the designation of ASAP or due date and time. Includes the capability of setting alarms based on the due date so that the user is reminded of important to dos before they come due. 


Specialty Plug-ins

Specialty plug-ins are modules that require third party applications or which were written with specific purposes in mind. These plug-ins may not be ideal for the average customer, either because they do not need them, or they do not have the necessary tools to use them. JRAd consulting can produce specialty plug-ins on a contract basis. Contact Rick at plug-insat jrad for details. 


Tracks billables using standard ICD-9 and CPT codes.

Health Maintenance

Adds a module to the To Do section of Palmedic allowing one to check off and date health maintenance items to be performed on patients. Includes preventive medicine recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Medicine Task Force.

Transcriptionist Note

Integrates with and requires the third-party, note-writing application Transcriptionist. This plug-in allows for "automatic" note writing by incorporating data already entered into Palmedic with Transcriptionist's robust note writing capabilities. 

Note: This plug-in requires Palmedic 2.2 or later and Transcriptionist 1.8 or later. 

Procedure Log

An evolution of the standard procedure plug-in that incorporates the user's role in the procedure. Reports added by the plug-in allow for reporting of procedure and role for applications like residency program or accreditation requirements. 

Developer's Plug-in API

The API has not been completed. Please contact Rick at plug-insat jrad for information regarding the creation of your own plug-ins.

Note: if you have trouble downloading any of these files, make sure you check the downloading instructions for some hints on decompressing the files found here.

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