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Customized Plug-ins

JRAd consulting offers a wide array of customizations for Palmedic. Many customers have already been served in this regard, and opportunities for your personal needs to be met within Palmedic exist via a customized plug-in. Below are some examples of customizations done for customers so far:

Example 1: 

Custom demographics which allow for more than one medical record number (clinic chart # is added to original demographics), and allows one to mark which number will show in the patient chart overview.
This particular plug-in allowed the physician to see a hospital medical record number while the patient was in the hospital, and a clinic medical record number when the patient was seen as an outpatient.

Example 2: 

Current admission data was added to the demographics screen to allows for rapid data entry. The ability to enter this information into a standard admissions module was added so as to assure the list of admissions was kept up to date.

Example 3: 

Custom headers have been created for multiple users to be used on notes and/or billing reports.

Example 4: 

Entire modules can be created to record and/or report any information in any format you choose. The recently added Contacts module is shown above as a simple example.


Please contact Rick at supportat jrad with the details concerning your own customized plug-in.
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