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Notes modules
  1. Title - space for entering the title of the note. Tapping the "Title" label will open the Note template list floater and allow for the selection of note(s) for entry into the patient record
  2. Date - records the date of the note
  3. entry area for note data, including text, shapes, sketches, handwriting, etc. The arrows to the right of the view scroll the data if it does not fit on one screen
  4. macro writer - Tapping this icon button pops up a list of all available "macros" for text entry. Macros are added to the program by plug-ins and include things like: current problem list, current medications, past medical history, most recent vital signs, just to name a very few
  5. Route the note, including print, fax, beam, and mail
  6. next//previous - jump to the next/previous note in the patient's note "list" with the same title as this one

Note template list floater

The Note template list floater lists all of the note templates in Palmedic's database. To enter a new note template into Palmedic's database, the New button should be tapped. The Note template editor will be opened and allow for the entry of a new template.

Note template list floater

To edit a note template already in the database, simply tap on it within the list. Again, the Note template editor will open, but this time it already contains the information of the "tapped" template. This data can be edited and saved to Palmedic's database. Templates can be "acted upon" (e.g., deleted, duplicated, etc.) by checking the list items desired with the check boxes to the left of the list. An action is selected from the router envelope that appears below the list. To enter new notes into the current patient's record, simply select the desired note templates by checking them, and close the note template list floater by tapping the close 'X' at the bottom right of the screen. Each note template checked will appear as a new note in the patient's record.

Note template editor

The note template editor provides a space for the entry of the text, shapes, sketches, etc. that are to be part of this note template. Entry into the note area occurs just as in the Palmedic notes plug-in or in the Newton's built-in Notes application. Once the template editor is closed, the information entered becomes saved as a note template to be automatically entered as a new note when selected from the Note template list floater.

Note template editor

The note template found within the editor can be filed in a desired category by using the filing button; or routed (e.g., deleted, duplicated, etc.) by selecting an action from the routing envelope.

Download the Notes plug-in v 1.4

NOTE: This plug-in is included in the Plug-in data package distributed with Palmedic v2.4. There is no need to install it if you have the PData.pkg installed.

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