Tests Modules
  1. Title - Records the title of the test item. Tapping on the label of this item will display a list of test templates available for entry. Within this Test Template list floater, one may also create and edit their own test templates.
  2. Date - Records the date of the test item.
  3. entry area - Test data appears here in either text or "fields" form (above example is a fields-style test). Scroll arrows within this area scroll through this test's data if all data cannot fit within one screen.
  4. next/previous - Jumps to the next/previous test with the same title as this test.

    Test Template list floater

The Test Template list floater is accessed by tapping on the "Title" label of any test module. The floater displays a list of all test templates currently available to Palmedic. The Palmedic Installer has the ability to load a set of test templates for use within Palmedic; otherwise, new test templates may be created by tapping on the New button within the Test Template list floater and accessing the Test Template editor.

  1. Test Template list editor

Edit a test template by tapping the desired item within the list. Test templates may be selected for an action by "checking" them using the check boxes found to the left of each item. Once selected, tests may be acted upon (deleted, etc.) by seleting an action from the router envelope displayed below the list, or may be entered as new tests into a patient's record by tapping the close 'X' and closing the floater. In order to close the floater without entering any tests into a patient's record, one must uncheck every test template item before tapping the close 'X'. More than one test template may be acted upon/entered at one time.

Test Template editor

There are two types of test templates, both of which can be edited in the Test Template editor. The 'Text' test template presents the user with a lined entry area in which text, sketches, shapes, etc. can be entered. Closing the Test Template editor window saves the text template so that upon selection of this template for a new test, the entered text/objects appear in the new test.

  1. Test editor- text

The second type of test template is the fields test template. Selecting the "Fields" radio button at the bottom of the Test Template editor window changes the template type to fields and presents the user with a non-lined area in which to enter fields.

  1. Test editor- fields

Tapping the "Add Field" button at the bottom of the floater presents the user with the Test Field editor and allows the entry of a new field. To edit a field, one simply taps on the field within the Test Template editor, and the Test Field editor is opened allowing for the editing of that field. One may change the order of fields within the view by dragging fields to the desired location.

Test Field editor

The Test Field editor allows for the entry/editing of field information. The information which is editable includes a field's label (the bolded portion of a field that appears before the entry line), the range (high and low values for the field allowing Palmedic to alert the user when a value is out of range), and field type (input or calculation).

  1. Test field editor

An "Input" field simply presents the user with a blank in which to enter a number. A "Calculation" field uses the formula entered in the Test Field editor to determine the field's value. For example, the formula entered above will take the value from the Na input field, K input field, Glu input field, and BUN input field to determine the value of the Osm calculation field.

Download the Tests plug-in v1.4

NOTE: This plug-in is included in the Plug-in data package distributed with Palmedic v2.3. There is no need to install it if you have the PData.pkg installed.

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