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To Dos module
  1. Done - checking the done box marks the to do as done and hides the "Due" information
    Due - the "Due" controls allow the user to mark the to do as a standard "whenever" to do, a to do needed ASAP (which can be noted in both to do and patient lists), or give the to do a due date and time by marking 'By' and setting the desired time. For to dos due by a date and time, an alarm can be set for a user-defined interval of minutes, hours, or days before the event.
  2. Type - the category for this to do. Setting the category within the "Type" input changes the popup menu displayed when tapping the description diamond. For example, the Type "Radiology" could have a menu of descriptions like "get CXR", "check XRays", "read films"; while a Type of "Laboratory" could have a menu of "get CBC", "check lab values", "gripe at slow lab". The "Type" popup is editable just like all editable popups.
  3. description - this editable popup describes the to do item
  4. Route the to do item, including beam and mail
Download the ToDos plug-in v1.2

NOTE: This plug-in is included in the Plug-in data package distributed with Palmedic v2.3. There is no need to install it if you have the PData.pkg installed.

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Plug-ins Table of Contents