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Transcriptionist Note

The Transcriptionist Note plug-in adds an item to Palmedic's New button popup menu. This item, when tapped, causes Transcriptionist to be launched and allows for the selection of a report template. Once the report is complete, the user closes Transcriptionist's view, and a new note is created within Palmedic from the completed report. The note module appears like this:

Transcriptionist Note module
  1. Title - Title of the note
  2. Date - Date of the note
  3. The text of the note as created in Transcriptionist
  4. Route the note item, including print, fax, beam, and mail
  5. Edit the note in Transcriptionist


Palmedic demographics within TranscriptionistPalmedic and Transcriptionist communicate extensively to allow the automatic entry of patient data from Palmedic into the Transcriptionist note. The list of available patient "demographics" is long and can be extended via Palmedic plug-ins. Descriptions of "special" demographics available through Palmedic can be found on the Hints and Tips page of the documentation.

The author of Palmedic has constructed a sample set of templates for use with Transcriptionist to allow automated creation of History and Physicals, Progress Notes, and Clinic Notes. Patient demographic data, medication information, and recent lab test data are all pulled from Palmedic's database and added to these Transcriptionist notes. Download these sample templates and adjust them to your liking.



Download the Transcriptionist note plug-in v1.4

Download sample note templates that use Palmedic demographics  

Transcriptionist is a registered trademark of Tactile Systems, Inc. and can be downloaded from their web site at

Palmedic is a registered trademark of JRAd consulting, Inc. and can be downloaded from their web site at

The complete package, including Palmedic, Transcriptionist, and the Transcriptionist Note plug-in can be purchased for US$300 (a savings of US$150) by calling 800-5-Newton or 303-841-1114 .

Note: This plug-in requires Palmedic 2.4 or later and Transcriptionist 1.8 or later.

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Plug-insTable of Contents