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About Us

When the Newton family of handheld computers hit the market, we at JRAd (pronounced "je-rud") consulting saw the potential for such a device in the practice of medicine. We have since been striving to create packages that would lessen the burdens of Medicine, and our motto from day one has been "if you want it done right, do it yourself." Our platform of choice has been the Newton MessagePad family of Personal Digital Assistants. Nothing yet compares with regard to speed and utility, and with the release of the MessagePad 2000, it appeared that Apple Computer had created a handheld computer that would surpass its competitors for some time to come.

With the demise of the Newton, the hope for what we saw as the future in medicine was gone. Since that time, we have been searching for a platform upon which to focus our efforts. Unfortunately, no handheld meets the needs of the healthcare community as well as the Newton did. We continue to develop for and support the Newton, but are currently in limbo in regards to developing on another handheld platform. We have taken this opportunity to expand our horizons by working on multiple solutions for desktop computers. Please visit our Products page and see some samples of what is to come.


Custom packages can be produced by JRAd consulting on a contract basis. Emphasis is on medically related packages, but other projects have been and can be undertaken as well. We have programmers that have experience working with the Newton handheld computer, FileMaker Pro, 4D database systems, and OneClick for Macintosh. Please contact us at <consultingat jrad> for further information.

Demonstration of custom plug-ins for Palmedic can be found on our web pages.

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