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Jump Bar

Jump Bar is a combination Task Bar and System Bar for OneClick modeled after the Windows '95/'98 Start bar. It provides extended flexibility in managing open applications by allowing the user to quickly jump to a desired application, hide an application's windows automatically, or quit an application without first bringing it to the front (to name a few). It allows for global management of applications with the ability to quit all applications, or quit all but the front application. With the improvements in version 2.0, Jump Bar allows for the addition of any OneClick button thus providing unlimited flexibility and power, and replacing the System palette shipped with OneClick.

Version 2.5 is a significant rewrite to take advantage of all the new capabilities found in OneClick version 2.0.

Figure 1. a process button's menu for access to windows within the application as well as the application itself


Figure 2. the 'Jump' button menu



A demonstration version of Jump Bar may be downloaded from our Downloads page.

Jump Bar is available for US$15. Please see the included documentation or the Purchasing page for more details.

Figure 3. screen shot showing "bottom of screen" placement of Jump Bar 2.5
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