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As a medical student, I began to realize the power and utility that the Newton PDAs could have on the wards- I could hold all the pertinent information regarding my patients right there in my hand. Their medications and medication allergies, their lab reports (stretching back as far as I wanted them), an up-to-date problem list, all the procedures that they had received, and any notes I had written about them- from long H&Ps to short scribbles. This device also had the ability to manage a to do list for these patients to keep me organized, on track, and looking good in front of my medical peers. The only shortcoming was the medically related Newton software available at the time. The two that even came close to my standards were remarkably overpriced. On a student's budget (and even a Resident's salary, I realized), there was no way I could afford one of them. What if they did not meet my needs? What if they were buggy? I'd be out a whole lot of money with no tool to satisfy me. Thus, the dream of Palmedic was born- "if you want something done right, do it yourself" has been the motto behind the package ever since. Palmedic has grown from a simple desire to be organized on rounds as a medical student to a package that rivals the expensive solutions on the market today. 

With the release of Palmedic v 2.x, the program has become an invaluable resource in producing and maintaining a patient's medical record. The program is written specifically for the Newton 2.x Operating System, thus taking advantage of its many advances, including speed, ease of use and increased functionality. Version 2.x uses plug-ins for data entry and reporting. This makes Palmedic the most versatile medical information manager on the market. The user may load only the modules they need, be it medications, problems, and patient allergies or patient billing, and note creation via templates and macros. Users may also have custom modules created for them or may create their own. Palmedic is distributed with a standard set of plug-ins that make it a complete patient management solution, and new modules are being created all the time. There is no longer the need to model the way you manage your patient information after a particular program. Use Palmedic to enter and report on a patient's data using your own methods. 

Another great advance in Palmedic 2.x is its integration with your Newton MessagePad's other programs. Palmedic integrates with the Names application, Dates application, medical reference books (like Lexi-Comp drug reference from K2 consultants), note writing utilities (notably Transcriptionist from Tactile Systems), and with the capability of plug-ins, Palmedic has the ability to communicate with any other program on your Newton- those that exist now, and those that are yet to come. 

Download the demo of Palmedic and see for yourself that no other patient management solution compares to its functionality, ease of use, and equally as important, its price (Palmedic 2.x retails for $200 whereas the equivalent tools produced by other companies retail at about $500). NOTE: The retail price for Palmedic has been decreased to $79.

 Palmedic Chart View

Chart view in Palmedic 2.x (rotated view)

Note: all screen shots are taken using Palmedic 2.xon a MP2000. Other congfigurations may vary.
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