October 30, 1998

JRAd consulting, Inc. is pleased to announce new pricing for Palmedic, its patient management solution for the Newton family of handheld computers. Due to the current state of the Newton, we at JRAd consulting wanted to show our appreciation for those who recognize and use superior technology. For the forseeable future, the new price for Palmedic will be US$79, 60% off the regular price. We are also offering the special price of US$50 for those wishing to upgrade from a competitor's program. Contact us for additional details.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce an export plug-in which is currently in the late stages of development. This plug-in will provide all Palmedic users the means to transfer patient data from Palmedic to another platform when a superior platform becomes available.

For additional information please see our WWW page at:

http://www.jrad.com or e-mail us at supportat jrad

A trial version of Palmedic is available for download.


J. Rick Adams, M.D.
JRAd consulting, Inc.
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